June 2019


I told her it could have been a congregation of fairies, like in old stories. We were walking along the disused, moonlit train tracks in search for the source of music echoing through the forest. I joked:
"You wanna see a dead body?" But she was on the wrong side of 20 to catch the reference.
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The Balancing Act

I think that all growth and healing takes more time than we allow.
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Cuts Hurt

Our cuts to education documentary has the promise of an interview with an MPP next week.

I'm excited at the idea of progress, as it will be the first ladder rung we climb. In the meantime, we tried to use the content we had on hand to make a short awareness video.

It sort of serves as a sample of the content - I really do hope we get to unpack more. We go on to analyze the budget, and dissect the peripheral fallout to having bloated class sizes (that's something I'm looking forward to editing).


Someone Else

In the creative world, there are so many auditions and considerations that I usually just call the journey: Collecting Rejection.

I actually quite like it! I have a realistic projection in my mind of how and when my work might land (and if it doesn't, I'm happy to go at it anyhow). That being said - both submitting work and receiving rejection have become super easy to track with
Submittable - I'm late to the party and I'm sure it's a commonplace resource, but when you're working and like something - there needs to be a shout out! It lets me submit all my screen, stage, and prose work.

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