Apr 2019

Chill Pills and Rabbit Holes

In an attempt to both meet more like-minded people in the city, and convalesce my spirit, I’m putting myself into as many mixers and weekend seminars as possible. These range from industry meet’n’greets, to acting intensives with instructors who propose to be all about reigniting/further blazing your driving fire.

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Aim For The Head

The season is in an upswing; there are opportunities everywhere, and I’m doubly trying to create my own. I’m setting goals I can achieve, bit by bit, to keep me healthy and happy; to keep me open to opportunity!
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And Step, Two, Three...

In keeping with the theme of obsession, and "character study through a lens", I revisited Black Swan. I think the story I'm building should take place in a dance company - that's the summary of this whole post and thought.
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"He Was Obsessed, And It Was Okay"

In revisiting Ridley Scott's directorial debut, "The Duellists", I'm humbled by the scenic scope; natural lighting; superb stage combat, and a clear pattern of repetition and cycles.
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