Education Autopsy

Over the next year, countless teachers will lose their jobs; class sizes will be increased; funding will be cut for special need classes, and every student will have a mandatory online class to compensate for the shift overall.

My new colleague and I are fired up to shoot something in a documentary format. While remaining open to inspiration, it ultimately felt like the experience of the teachers at this time was worth capturing.

Starting Monday, we'll interview three teachers to understand both the lay of the political landscape at this time, as well as what sort of call-to-action can be made to help.

The second tier, is after the call-to-action. Communities will be encouraged to speak to their MPP's, and that's realistically as far as their reach can go. Then we would hopefully have sit down interviews with 3 more MPP's.


The pattern will hopefully repeat until we go higher and higher up. It sounds like the real transaction is that of reputation, instead of money.

If the teachers go on strike and get what they need, they lose face and there is a solution. If a solution was possible - where did the money come from, and why couldn't it come without hind legs against walls, and guns against heads? Why conflict?

Is there really a billion dollar relief fund, or is that a fantasy carrot meant to keep activists running and chasing instead of talking and effecting change?

There were misconceptions that our aim was to effect change of our own this year with the call to action. More accurately - we're flies on the wall watching everything unfold; interrupting nothing. To be honest, if everything goes wrong: That's good TV.


I look at it as "The strike will happen, and it will be an unspoken assumption of going through the motions" - I'd like to know how the vicious circle can be broken. I'd like to know why it isn't about having the money, it's about not wanting to be the one losing face for moving it around.

It's like "passing the buck" of blame and loss of public faith.

It's too early to tell what the story will be - our narrative will only just begin on Monday and you have to be prepared for everything to change. So far, I feel like we're preemptively video taping an autopsy on an institution - not a last ditch effort to save it. It's a shame, but some things are bigger than a year of protest and it'd be interesting to dissect why, and whether that'll ever change.
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