Aim For The Head

The season is in an upswing; there are opportunities everywhere, and I’m doubly trying to create my own. I’m setting goals I can achieve, bit by bit, to keep me healthy and happy; to keep me open to opportunity!
1. Personal Health
2. Refresh Headshots
3. Finish One Project

A big focus for me this year is health. I’ve been exercising and paying attention to my nutrition more than ever. I force my body through new routines, and top my weekly goals (which is a great feeling to carry-over between sessions). I’m being more vigilant with my skin routines, and have taken to keeping tiny, 60SPF moisturizers hidden in every pocket of my varied jackets, hoodies, and inside my car! Gotta take care of my skin and Tim Daly it. It’s like the man drinks a cocktail of youth every day:

Youth Cocktail:

  • Youth Cocktail:

  • 1 Part Dragon’s Blood

  • 2 Parts Whiskey spat from Timothy Olyphant’s mouth

  • 1-2 drops of Elijah Wood

  • Splash of J-Lo over ice

  • Stir, serve in a chilled glass, and garnish with a prosciutto-thin slice of Paul Rudd.

Next goal is simple and easy! I’m getting new head shots.

No matter how little or much work you’ve had; no matter if you’re fresh off a hot streak, or coming off a dry spell: Changing/updating your first impression headshot will yield more clicks. Casting directors look at a wash of thumbnails every day from submissions - they’ve been scrolling past my drab and dark photo for several years now - they’re used to seeing it. I don’t regret my current head shots, I just know what I need to get from the next round.

I just don’t want to get in my own way. It’s hard to manufacture/plan end-result looks; posing for pictures always makes me uncomfortable, like I’m being disingenuous/fraudulent. I have to maintain a healthy amount of self love before the shoot. I’m supposed to consider looks that I’d realistically be considered for. No matter the look, they all have to pop as small thumbnails.

Considered Looks

  • Considered Looks

  • (1&2) Leading Man; Light and Heavy (Disney Prince/Anti-Hero, Jim Halpert/Dirty Harry)

  • (3) Bright, Optimistic, Clean-Cut Best Friend/Neighbor (New Dad/Casual Everyman)

  • (4) "The Suit" shot (fitted/tailored; maybe done early with facial hair)

And finally, I heard great advice that echoed a wonderful speech from a horrible movie. The movie in question is worse than Voldemort and will not be named, but the gist of the speech was from one hero, to a would-be-hero who felt overwhelmed.

“Just save one.”

Save one life - and when you’re done, if you can, save another.

Super cool and inspiring moment in a movie that otherwise lacked inspiration, but I was reminded of it when someone close to me advised: “Finish one story.”

I’m guilty of jumping ship every time I hit the second or third act of a project. I boast about always writing, but it’s only typing if you don’t finish. I have three stage plays, a novel, and two screenplays - incomplete.

I’m forcing myself to finish the projects, only one at a time. Today, I pushed through a blocked moment by insisting to myself:

“I know what the scene is, and what I need from it. If it’s shit, let it be shit. It’ll lead me closer to the end. Then, when it’s done, I’ll be editing and improving a shitty piece of writing into something good. I’d rather fix a finished piece of shit than stay weighed down by an incomplete would-be-gem.”


Theatre shows are percolating, popping up. I’m applying; auditioning, booking here and there; I’m cooking up new ideas with other creatives, and I’m building a calendar that keeps close track of grants and festivals I’ll want to apply for and contribute to over the next few years.
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